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Case Study - Bonding to Multiple Materials


Customer Need

A custom promotional product manufacturer was looking for an adhesive to bond plywood to a variety of surfaces including a magnetic material, other plywood, and styrene. They had tried using a transfer tape; however, it would not fully bond to the other plywood, causing the layers to delaminate. Many of these would be used in preschool toys, making it pivotal to find a tape with excellent durability and permanent bonding capabilities.

The Budnick Solution

After consulting with one of our most trusted tape manufacturers, we decided to try a 4 mil double coated tissue tape due to cost being a factor. The tissue tape’s bonding strength compares to many of the most popular transfer tapes on the market. It bonded excellently to textured surfaces and delamination was no longer occurring.

Creating Value for Our Customers

The customer submitted the samples to the schools which were approved immediately. Budnick goes to work for the customer. By leveraging our relationships with some of the top manufacturers, we can source products that meet your application needs and are within your desired cost range without sacrificing quality.