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Budnick serves the Automotive Industry with adhesive tapes, foams, and converted solutions for interior, assembly, transportation, and masking related applications

Adhesive solutions for wire harnessing, hole covering, labeling, and more

Masking products that conform around tight corners to provide crisp, flawless paint lines

Interior and exterior mounting solutions for emblems, dashboards, headliners, trims, profiles, and more

Protect your product during the transportation process with custom easy-to-apply interior and exterior surface protection solutions

What We Offer

Increasing productivity and decreasing costs are two tasks that purchasers and automotive engineers are tasked with daily, but one easy way to accomplish both these goals is by utilizing pressure sensitive adhesive tapes to replace traditional mechanical fasteners. Using customized adhesive products to speed up application time while eliminating as much potential for rework as possible can quickly increase the efficiency and quality of your production line. Whether it’s decreasing machine stoppage by utilizing extremely long length spooled product or implementing die cut masking products that improve paint quality while reducing masking/de-masking time, Budnick can help source and manufacture products that help you improve your manufacturing process.

First and second tier Automotive suppliers utilize Budnick’s converting capabilities to provide solutions for applications including body and fascia masking, emblem and decal applications, mirror attachment, surface protection, fastening, electronic component mounting, buzz, squeak, and rattle elimination, and thermal management.

Browse through our baskets of common products above, or contact a Budnick application engineer to help source and develop the ideal product for your application. 

Case Studies

Budnick works with tier suppliers and OEMs in the Automotive industry to increase the functionality of products and the efficiency of production throughout a number of varying processes.

Case Study Heads-up Display

An automotive electronics manufacturer turned to Budnick to find a surface protection solution for a heads-up display (HUD).

  • Linered and perforated for easy installation
  • Locator holes for accurate placement
  • Pull tabs for easy removability
Case Study Die-Cut Protective Film for RV Wheel

A custom die-cut surface protection film reduced time, labor, and quality concerns for an RV manufacturer

  • Custom cut to 39.5’’ diameter sheets
  • Added paper liner for easy removal
  • Only one worker is now needed to apply the film
Case Study Converting Experts

An automotive supplier could only purchase rolled product, but the application called for short pieces

  • Sheets containing four individual pieces met the customer's need
  • A custom die was made to cut parts to length with a minimum amount of bevel on the product
  • The material maintained its cord, and the presentation saved production time