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Case Study - HUD Surface Protection

Customer Need

An automotive electronics manufacturer needed scratch protection for their heads-up display (HUD) lens. They needed a removable, extremely low tack, and clear surface protection tape. The display lens is concave and eventually recessed in the dash housing, which complicated the application and removal of the die cut.

The Budnick Solution

Our team developed a die-cut tape to match the shape of the lens and assist in applying and removing the part.  Locator holes were cut to assure proper alignment and perforations were added to help remove the excess tape around the perimeter of the lens. Finally, blue pull tabs were added within the die cut to assist with removal from the recessed housing. The blue tabs also serve as a quick visual check to verify the die cut has been removed.

Increased Productivity & Enhanced Value

The end result is a part that saves production time and reduces quality defects. It also ensures that customers see and easily remove the film to achieve the highest clarity from their heads-up display projection, which is a safety feature we can all appreciate.

This concept, or similar, can fit any lens application.