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Case Study - Improving the Muntin Application Process

Customer Need

An architectural window manufacturer was looking for an improved method to apply 3M VHB™ 4910, a high bond acrylic tape, to muntin bars for cross pieces used in between glass layers. Far too much waste was generated as result of production applying the tape by hand.  The tape was very inconsistent when applied on different areas of the muntin bar, and production was bottlenecking, delaying the complete units going out to market.

The Budnick Solution

Rather than replace the tape, Budnick wanted to figure out a way to improve the process and help prevent the bottlenecks on the production lines. We brought our production manager to the customer to assist with applying the tape. We discovered that we had a unit available that could be modified into a laminating station. Our plant retrofitted this unit with some nip rollers and guides to direct the material.

Serving You

We received a 2-year contract for the tape and were able to amortize the cost of the unit over the two year period, so there was no capital expenditure for the customer. When you contact Budnick with a tape or foam need, or an application dilemma, we will spring into action to help solve your immediate needs or turn your idea into a solution.