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Case Study - Repositionable Thermal Interface

Customer Need

Our customer, an EMI shielding manufacturer, was producing a conductive, semi-cured silicone at their local facility. They contacted Budnick seeking a solution for a new application that featured a new thermal interface material that required a repositionable adhesive that would not compromise thermal conductivity.

The Budnick Solution

Identifying a tape that could adhere to silicone without impacting thermal conductivity proved to be a challenge. Typically, silicone itself is the only adhesive that bonds effectively to silicone. Initial tests with silicone tape proved detrimental to thermal conductivity. Through continued testing, our tape experts ultimately identified a repositionable acrylic transfer tape that preserved thermal conductivity.

The Converting Experts

The selection of the acrylic transfer tape was driven by its properties—a very thin, low-tack adhesive akin to a Post-It Note. These characteristics allowed us to laminate the transfer tape onto their material, making it repositionable without hindering heat transfer through the interface material to the heat sink during circuit board heating cycles. Additionally, it established a strong bond with the silicone material, avoiding delamination when repositioned.