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Conductive Die Cut Gasket for Electrical Grounding


Customer Need

A major appliance OEM was experiencing quality issues regarding lighting and wiring in a line of ovens. Their immediate need was to ensure that all handles and human touch points were properly grounded. 

The Budnick Solution

We worked with  3M™ to assess the issue and provide the OEM with various 3M™ product samples for testing. Ultimately a 3M™ conductive cushioning gasket tape was chosen and die-cut to size by Budnick. The gasket tape is a single coated, electrically conductive, compressible tape with excellent cushion and recovery properties. Its electrical grounding capabilities make it an ideal fit to prevent any shock hazards.

Enhanced Performance

The die-cut gasket makes for quick and easy installation, improving productivity. The gasket conforms well between substrates and provides the necessary electrical grounding. Excellent bond line gap filling allows for improved EMI shielding and reduces EMI emissions.