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Case Study - Cost, Production, & Product Enhancements

Customer Need

Our customer, a point-of-purchase and large format graphics manufacturer, needed a product to bond to Ultraboard and serve as a hanging device on the back of framed art. They had previously been using double coated UPVC but switched to a lower cost product from a competitor.

The Budnick Solution

Sure enough, the customer products were returned due to their inability to hold frames of any significant weight and came back to Budnick. We reached out to a vendor to find a similar tape to the previously used double coated UPVC tape. We decided on a double coated woven acrylic tape with a high sheer factor. It was also priced well below the originally used tape.

Cutting Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

We now completely cover the Ultraboard, rather than using strips. This speeds up the production, creates significant cost savings, and most importantly, makes for a quality product.