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Case Study - Custom Adhesive Tab for a PE Film

Customer Need

Our customer, a large supplier of packaging supplies to the cotton industry, came to us requesting our help in creating an adhesive tab matrix that they could put on to their film. They were providing the product to the end user in roll form. The end user pulls off a length of plastic wrap and at a predetermined length that the film is perforated. The adhesive tab needed to stick quickly in a temperature range of 0 - 150°F. It also needed to bond immediately to both sides of the film in an uncontrolled dirty environment.

The Budnick Solution

Budnick developed an adhesive tab that released as soon as the customer’s roll began unrolling and wrapping around cotton in the field. The tab then held the wrapped product closed and kept the film from loosening or unwrapping. The construction required us to make a single coated tape that would work as a liner for the double coated tape. The double coated tape adheres to the film on one side and releases from the single coated tape smoothly, cleanly, and consistently.

The Converting Experts

We created this product by laminating an adhesive on the back of a single coated release liner. On top of the liner, we laminated a narrower double coated acrylic adhesive to the wider liner. The reason for the extra liner on both sides of the tab adhesive is so that there is no chance that the adhesive edges sticking to the release liner edges or the film layer below and causing issues when the roll is unwrapped.‚Äč