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Case Study - Custom Cut Butyl

Customer Need

Our customer, an automotive supplier, had a new project for
a door seal for which they identified a 4mm diameter, round butyl as a fit for the application. However, the product was only available in rolls. The butyl required cutting to 50mm long pieces with
four pieces on an individual sheet. It could not be flattened  during processing and had to remain round.

The Budnick Solution

After consulting with our production experts, we decided
to construct a custom nip roller. This allowed us to run four rolls of butyl material with the original liner through the nip roller and laminate to a common liner. A custom die was made to cut the parts to length.

Enhanced Production

The customer now has round, tubular butyl parts on a common liner with individual liners on the top of individual custom cut sheets. This presentation speeds up processing time on the assembly line, saving the customer time and money while improving quality and consistency.
At Budnick Converting, our specialists work hard to save you material costs and production time. We ask our specialists to put their expertise and efforts into sourcing, engineering, prototyping, dispensing, and applying your tape in the most cost-efficient manner.