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Laminating Decorative Signage Sheets to Foam Board


Customer Need

A sign manufacturer was using a roll-on liquid (contact) adhesive to bond a decorative sheet to a foam board prior to router cutting lettering and logos for decorative signage. The liquid adhesive's extensive cure time created bottlenecks in production, while paint rollers that were dipped into 5-gallon buckets of adhesive were leaving workspaces messy and dangerous. The roll-on adhesive did not provide even coverage across the sheets and often hardened at the bottom of the bucket, resulting in significant waste. As if there weren't enough issues already, a stiffener material had to be added to the back of the foam to prevent the finished parts from curling after being router cut.

The Budnick Solution

Budnick's converting experts suggested an aggressive, high bond double sided tape and developed an efficient process to laminate to the sheets. With Budnick's wide-width laminating capabilities, it is often more feasible for us to laminate your material together.

Creating Value for Our Customer

Budnick's converting experts identified an optimal product and converting service that provided efficiency enhancements to the application process that lowered scrap rates, increased product quality by providing consistent material coverage, increased production by eliminating cure times, created a safer work environment, and the double coated tape's polyester carrier eliminated the need for additional labor to keep the parts flat.