Converting Ideas into Solutions ®

Waterjet for Automotive Interior Finishing

Customer Need

Our customer is a local supplier to a major American automobile manufacturer. They came to us looking for material to be cut and converted to serve as a cover for the steering wheel’s cowling on a popular line of SUV’s.

The Budnick Solution

We sourced a vinyl cloth material that needed to be cut and converted to 16'' x 9,'' with detailed holes and edges. To help the customer save on tooling costs, the material was cut with our waterjet. We were able to turn sample parts around quickly and make changes on the part dimensions during the initial stages of this project.

The Converting Experts

By operating three machines over two shifts, our waterjet has the capacity and the flexibility to meet your demands. Waterjet cutting reduces tooling costs, increases part output and eliminates most finishing operations. No grinding, filing, sanding or polishing on the toughest materials around is needed.