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Foam Injection Venting

Customer Need

An appliance customer came to Budnick in search of an alternative to a Permagum sealing compound masking tape combination that was being used to seal metal casing gaps in a refrigerator during the PU foam injection process. The Permagum was allowing far too many leaks and the masking tape was not ideal for venting.

The Budnick Solution

We laminated adhesive stripes to a non-woven fabric and covered it with a release liner. This product is known as BudVent™. The BudVent™ solution holds foam insulation in and allows more air and gas to escape during the foam-in-place injection process.

Increased Performance

By using BudVent™ rather than the Permagum, engineers observed a 90% reduction in foam leaks. With proper venting, foam draws throughout the cavity, cures faster, eliminates foam voids and reduces non-conformances. BudVent™ may lower foam usage and significantly decrease labor hours throughout the production process.

Click here to view the BudVent™ datasheet