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Retail & Commercial Signage

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Adhesive tapes and foams for near-flush mounting, permanent/removable foam tapes, and critical high bond acrylic foam tapes provided in rolls, sheets, die cuts or spools that speed up production


Adhesive tapes and foams for smooth/rigid materials, graphic overlays and laminating, textured or fluted materials, and letters and logos

Adhesive tapes and foams for low surface energy materials, heavy-duty projects, and applications that include fasteners or liquid adhesives


Optimal Tapes for Your Unique Applications

High Bond Tapes

High bond foam tapes often replace, or are used in conjunction with, mechanical fasteners & glues for permanent bond
strength in interior and exterior signs. They are often used for mounting dimensional lettering and making monument signs.
Acrylic foam tapes can resist UV rays, handle extreme climates, bond to most sign materials, form moisture seal, dissipate energy, and are quick and easy to use.

Double Sided Mounting/Bonding Foams

Polyethylene foam tapes with high tack, permanent adhesive two sides help level out materials and fill gaps on textured or
uneven surfaces to create a stronger bond and nicer looking displays. They are typically used to near flush mount ADA,            Wayfinding, and other indoor signs, or for bonding floor and countertop POP displays. The 31 mil. thick version of TigerMount Pro™ is typically recommended for permanently mounting LED’s.

Double Sided Tapes

Film tapes with rubber or high tack acrylic adhesive on both sides create quick and permanent bonds with a smooth, low profile.

Download Budnick's Tape Guide for Sign Makers

Case Studies

Case Study Improved Process

Production was in the process of moving from Arizona and Ohio and finding a supplier who could meet stocking and delivery requirements was critical.

  • Needed tape stocked in a temperature controlled environment and delivered weekly
  • Customer had issues with splices and roll tolerance standards not being met
  • Budnick worked with vendors to negotiate competitive pricing and fix splicing issues
Case Study Aesthetics

A customer was struggling to mount retail signage in the end user’s retail location with the use of magnets, only to experience waves and wrinkles.

  • Magnets were being used to install thirty-foot panels
  • A reclosable fastener was suggested to replace the magnets
  • Ability to adjust the panels creates a much more aesthetically pleasing finish
Laminating Decorative Signage to Foam Board

Budnick's adhesive laminating capabilities helped a sign manufacturer enhance their process of bonding decorative sheets to foam board prior to router cutting

  • Eliminated dangerous workspace conditions created by the liquid adhesive
  • High bond double sided tape eliminated lengthy cure times
  • Evenly laminated panels improved product quality