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Avery Cold Tough™ Adhesive

Avery has launched it’s Cold Tough™ Adhesive tape line, which are pressure-sensitive tapes that perform well in extreme environments. Cold Tough™ is engineered for seaming and joining in building & construction applications. For instance, metal building assemblies when high performance is required in extreme conditions. Cold Tough™ tapes offer these advantages:

-    Weather robustness & UV stability
-    Bonding performance, regardless of surface
-    Ease of use & conformability
-    Custom configurations
-    Thermal break capabilities

-    Roofing
-    Overhead Doors
-    Doors & Windows, Gutters, Overhead Doors
-    Ductwork, Exterior Walls
-    Ductwork
-    Doors & Windows, Exterior Walls, Joists, Roofing
-    Exterior Walls, Gutters