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Archive: October 2023

New 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tape 5113 Series

3M™ recently updated their go-to solutions for EMI shielding & grounding applications. Their four go-to electrically conductive tapes work in a wide range of applications. The go-to tapes include the recently launched polyolefin adhesive series (5113) and the new foil tape, a thinner and more cost-effective version of 1181.


Rotary Die Cutting

At Budnick, our core competency is Rotary Die Cutting tapes and flexible materials. Using precision engraved steel cylinders, we can quickly and easily die cut a wide variety of rolled goods at very high speeds.


Avery Cold Tough™ Adhesive

Avery has launched it’s Cold Tough™ Adhesive tape line, which are pressure-sensitive tapes that perform well in extreme environments. Cold Tough™ is engineered for seaming and joining in building & construction applications.


Meet Our New Customer Service Manager, Sundi (Sunny)

Budnick's customers are the #1 priority. To better serve you, we've created a new position of Customer Service Manager. Sundi (Sunny) has joined our team to oversee most aspects of our Customer Service. Sunny is ensuring there is a high level of effective communication with our valued customers.


The Five Factors of Adhesion

What factors should you consider when choosing an adhesive tape? Time - Adhesive - Pressure - Environment - Substrate