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Finger Lift Tabs and Scored Release Liners: Simple Solutions Boost Efficiency on the Production Line

Release liners on adhesive materials are sometimes overlooked by manufacturers. Custom liner features, like scored liners and finger lift tabs, help enhance material placement and save time during the assembly process.


New 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tape 5113 Series

3M™ recently updated their go-to solutions for EMI shielding & grounding applications. Their four go-to electrically conductive tapes work in a wide range of applications. The go-to tapes include the recently launched polyolefin adhesive series (5113) and the new foil tape, a thinner and more cost-effective version of 1181.


Avery Cold Tough™ Adhesive

Avery has launched it’s Cold Tough™ Adhesive tape line, which are pressure-sensitive tapes that perform well in extreme environments. Cold Tough™ is engineered for seaming and joining in building & construction applications.


The Five Factors of Adhesion

What factors should you consider when choosing an adhesive tape? Time - Adhesive - Pressure - Environment - Substrate


4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Spooled Rolls of Material

Traverse wound spooled rolls of material can eliminate the need for individual rolls and reduce the amount of waste that is generated. Here are four ways Budnick's spooling services can enhance your efficiencies and increase production.