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Meet Our New Customer Service Manager, Sundi (Sunny)

Budnick's customers are the #1 priority. To better serve you, we've created a new position of Customer Service Manager. Sundi (Sunny) has joined our team to oversee most aspects of our Customer Service. Sunny is ensuring there is a high level of effective communication with our valued customers.


Meet Our Newest Customer Service Team Members

In our effort to provide the highest level of customer service we can, Budnick has added three customer support resources. Thomas has joined the team as an Estimator, Dakota as an Account Manager, and Matt as a Business Development Representative. We asked them a few questions to get to know them better


Calibrated Laser Scanning System

To ensure your parts meet specifications, Budnick utilizes laser part scans to quickly identify potential quality issues. At Budnick, the laser scanner is typically used for 1st article, in-process, and final inspections to confirm part dimensions match technical drawings.


Meet Estimation Manager Tom

Estimation Manager Tom has been with Budnick for nearly 25 years and has held numerous positions within the organization. Before becoming the Estimation Manager last year, he was most recently the Press Department Team Leader.


BitRip Tape: Digital Info at Your Fingertips

BitRip is essentially a digital sticky note that you can attach unlimited information to exactly where you need it. Budnick is thrilled to have partnered with Nastro Technologies to bring their BitRip Digital Tape to market. It’s an exciting new product and technology!