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BitRip Tape: Digital Info at Your Fingertips

BitRip is essentially a digital sticky note that you can attach unlimited information to exactly where you need it. Budnick is thrilled to have partnered with Nastro Technologies to bring their BitRip Digital Tape to market. It’s an exciting new product and technology!


tesa's Laminating Adhesives

Water-based adhesives are no longer just a low cost alternative for carton sealing & non-critical laminating tapes. Water-based pure acrylic adhesives are closing the Shear Adhesion & Environmental Resistance performance gap on solvent-based adhesives.


Durable, Permanent Sealing with NEW tesa® 606 Series Aluminum Foil Tapes

tesa® Tape's new 606 Series Aluminum Foil Tapes are designed to provide solutions for demanding applications, including sealing, bonding/joining and repairing in the HVAC, building materials, electrical, and consumer appliance industries.


Die-Cut High Bond Tapes Increase Production Efficiencies

High Bond Foam Acrylic Tapes are ideal for many industrial mounting and bonding applications. Die-cut parts save time, increase material yield, improve consistency, and are often superior to traditional fasteners.


Budnick Appoints Hatton as Business Development Manager in Sign and Graphics Market

Budnick Converting, Inc. appoints Rick Hatton as Business Development Manager in the Sign and Graphics market. Hatton is the founder and former owner of Banner Ups banner finishing products, which Budnick acquired in 2019. Hatton will manage all Sign & Graphic sales initiatives, by focusing on key customer relationships and new product development.