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BitRip Tape: Digital Info at Your Fingertips

BitRip is essentially a digital sticky note that you can attach unlimited information to exactly where you need it. Budnick is thrilled to have partnered with Nastro Technologies to bring their BitRip Digital Tape to market. It’s an exciting new product and technology!

BitRip is durable and versatile, allowing you to wrap the tape around wires, pipes, or any other surface.

With BitRip’s free app, you can easily find and add content quickly – with no setup required. This allows anyone to attach unlimited digital photos, audio and video clips, documents, hyperlinks, and even text messages, to a physical piece of adhesive tape. The tape is GPS tracked and can be scanned to pull stored information from the cloud and shared on a private network. It is a cost saving and valuable tool that has unlimited potential!

Uses: Facilities and Maintenance Documentation, Tool and Equipment Accountability, Interactive Checklists, Safety Tags, and many more.

Watch a video and learn more about BitRip here.

Photo Credit: BitRip by Nastro Technologies