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High Bond Foamed Acrylic Tapes are a Proven Superior Alternative to Traditional Fasteners, Rivets, and Liquids

When you hear the term “bonding solutions,” you probably think about traditional mechanical fasteners or even liquid adhesives, but what about tape? What if I told you that certain high bond tapes could be the ultimate bonding solution for your application?

 Glues & Liquid Adhesives

• Cure times can take hours, especially if environmental factors are present

• The production costs of liquids often outweigh those of tapes

• Oozing and overflowing not only creates a mess, but also generates waste. Tapes, especially when die-cut, create minimal waste while the adhesive is confined to the bonding area

• Extra equipment is needed to dispense liquids and can be difficult to maintain over time



Mechanical Fasteners

• Foamed acrylic tapes absorb energy and stress, eliminating the possibility of weak points unlike  rivets and fasteners

• Over time, rivets and fasteners will rust after being exposed to moisture, and sunlight

• Virbrational fatigue can be compensated for by using acrylic foam tapes, helping extend the life of the joint

• Foamed acrylics give engineers more design freedom by enabling lightweight, and cost efficient designs


3M VHB High Bond Acrylic Foam Tapes

• Allow for clean and easy installation

• Improved aesthetics

• Ideal for bonding dissimilar materials 

• Viscoelastic properties of high bond tapes provide strong adhesion while remaining flexible & compensating for joint expansion and contraction

• Withstand the extreme heat and cold, vibration, moisture and UV light


You can view 3M's complete line of High Bond VHB Foam Tapes and additional info here