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Meet Our Newest Customer Service Team Members


Left to right: Estimator Thomas, BDR Matt, and Account Manager Dakota

In our effort to provide the highest level of customer service we can, Budnick has added three customer support resources. Thomas has joined the team as an Estimator, Dakota as an Account Manager, and Matt as a Business Development Representative. We asked them a few questions to get to know them better:

What do you do in your free time?

MR: In my free time, I enjoy playing video games with my 7-year-old son, Charlie. I am also a craft beer and bourbon enthusiast, movie lover, and just enjoy spending time with my wife and son. 

TC: Most of my free time is spent on house renovations. So far, we have added a bedroom, bathroom, and several small things along the way.

What’s the best thing about Budnick?

MR: You hear “we’re like a family” a lot from companies, and its just talk. I’ve never worked somewhere where that phrase is true, until now. I really feel blessed to have been welcomed in the way I have and immediately felt like I was part of a family.

What did you want your adult profession to be when you were a kid?

MR: When I was a kid I was convinced I was going to be a Ghostbuster. Sadly, that never came to fruition. 

DM: When I was younger, I, of course, wanted to play in the NFL. As a young adult, I wanted to coach in some form regardless of football, powerlifting, or cheer. 

What’s the best thing about your job?

DM: The best part about working for Budnick is the amount of new information I learn on just a daily basis. It is truly mind boggling how much knowledge flows through the walls here at Budnick. 

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

DM: I was a nationally ranked powerlifter and cheerleader in college. I had 22 state records (Illinois / Missouri) and one national squat record as a powerlifter. I also was awarded the MVP plaque in my second cheer season where we took 3rd place nationally in Daytona, Florida. 

How long have you been at Budnick? Before working here, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

TC: I have been at Budnick for 6 months. The most interesting job I have had before this was working with the Madison County Probation Offices during my college internship. My time at the Youth Detention Center was a very eye-opening experience.