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SEGDesign Case Study

SEGDesign frames are a snap to put together, no special tools or brackets needed. The frames are made from a durable ABS polymer, and come with corner connectors, so you can easily cut to size and snap together. Easy to paint with commonly available spray paint to make your image pop.

KederTape LITE works perfectly with SEGDesign frames. It is a high-quality keder laminated with a premium pressure-sensitive adhesive. Simply peel and stick to textile prints. Then insert into SEG frames- no sewing required!

CASE STUDY: SEGDesign Modular SEG Sign System 

By: Clayton Letourneau President, Custom Sign Lab (photo at right)
Beamsville, Ontario Canada

Please describe why you considered SEGDesign® as a solution to your needs.
I’m a second-generation sign maker and graphics professional. It’s in my blood to keep on top of the latest trends and solutions. In the lean times coming out of the pandemic era myself and my team at Custom Sign Lab was especially sensitive to the changing landscape of signs and graphics. So, when a luxury apparel distributor approached us in the Fall of 2021 looking for our unique touch on some point-of-purchase displays to be dispatched to a premier Canadian retail department store (HBC) we knew that creativity was key. Our customer needed two key principles to be met; First, a solution that matched the humble but confident branding of the apparel line and second, graphics that were easily interchangeable in countertop and floor display sizes.

Please describe the vision you had for your sign display, and the signs you created.
Our vision was to match the urban luxury of the apparel brand while achieving the functionality of quick-change retail POP displays. By using SEGDesign® frames plus some custom fabrication, we were able to elevate traditional SEG style displays to a whole new level. For one display, we created a custom “concrete-look” base that was cast from pigmented high-density urethane foam then embellished with paint to look like real concrete. The, SEGDesign® frame was fitted into an integrated channel which provided vertical support and easy access for changing the graphics. Another style was painted with a stain black finish and a high end brushed steel lettering. This created a more polished appearance to represent the work wear apparel for the same brand. Altogether, two styles in two sizes of displays (a total of four displays) were created, one size for countertop use with a graphic display area of approx. 18” x 24” and the other a larger floor display with a display area of 30” x 72”. 

Did SEGDesign® and KederTape work to achieve your goal?
After creating two custom-designed urban inspired bases, we needed an equally elegant solution for changeable graphics. Rigid foam boards were too cumbersome and expensive to ship while aluminum
SEG frames were too expensive. The SEGDesign® composite frame system was the logical choice for our purposes. So, we got creative and installed two SEGDesign® frames back-to-back for both the countertop and floor model displays. The double-sided frames we made fit precisely into a slot at the bottom of the display bases and are removable with hook and loop fasteners for quick graphic changes. At the last minute the client wanted the frames painted. No problem! The SEGDesign® frames coated brilliantly with our standard sign enamel.

Choosing the SEGDesign® system and the no-sew, peel-and-stick KederTape print finishing was crucial to achieve our displays functionality and easy changeability. Without the integration of SEGDesign® frames and adhesive KederTape, I don’t think that we would have been able to provide a fabric display. The flexibility, ease, and precise customization of SEGDesign® worked seamlessly with our creative concept.

The client was pleased with both the appearance and functionality of the SEGDesign® frames paired with the custom fabrication by the Custom Sign Lab team.

What special features of the SEGDesign® system did you find particularly beneficial?
The ability to custom cut SEGDesign® frame with a standard compound miter saw made the custom sizing easy, and the SEGDesign® corners fit perfectly every time. Once we ensured the fit was just right, we added a couple drops of acrylic cement and the frames were assembled in minutes not hours.

How did the cost of SEGDesign® compare to other options you evaluated?
SEGDesign® was less than half the cost of deploying similar aluminum SEG systems, and none of those could be as easily cut, fitted, assembled, or painted.



Was the customer satisfied?
The customer provided glowing reviews of the SEGDesign® frame and KederTape system and has already ordered a second set of graphics for the fall apparel line set to launch in October 2022.

How does having this new tool in your kit enhance your business going forward?
At Custom Sign Lab, we pride ourselves on putting creativity first. For us that includes more than just the look of the finished product, but the ease of fabrication and installation at the client’s site. That is exactly what SEGDesign® and KederTape do for us. In the future we will be able to confidently specify the pairing of SEGDesign® frames and KederTape edged fabric graphics to any client looking for a clean and durably changeable graphic display system and know that we can deliver on time and within budget.

Why would you recommend SEGDesign® and KederTape LITE to other graphics producers?
Custom Sign Lab would encourage any graphics professionals to try SEGDesign®and KederTape for their fabric displays. The ease of use and fabrication is exceptional, the assembly options are straightforward, the hardware has a perfect fit, and the finish is clean and crisp. There is nothing not to like about the SEGDesign® and KederTape! Your clients will feel they receive a premium product at a reasonable price. Aside from the obvious love of the SEGDesign® and KederTape system, working with the Banner Ups team at Budnick Converting was second to none. From the first, they treated us like long-time clients and supplied the extra effort to keep our project moving forward despite unexpected delays on our end. The Banner Ups team helped us to provide the very best solution to our client. We are so grateful for the experience we had working with the Banner Ups team on our SEGDesign® project. We love the product and will forever be an ambassador!

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