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tesa® 75507 2.95 mil Acrylic Transfer Tape

Adheres well to most surfaces

• Superior initial adhesion, even to rough surfaces

• Good aging, temperature & humidity resistance

• Very conformable   

If you are looking for a very versatile and highly conformable bonding or attaching solution, tesa® 75507 is a tackified acrylic transfer tape with superior initial adhesion even on rough surfaces. It bonds reliably to a wide range of different substrates and has very good aging, temperature and humidity resistance.

The new tesa® 75507 transfer tape also offers the high conformability that is of paramount importance for many lightweight mounting applications. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used for manufacturing processes as diverse as the mounting of lightweight parts, membrane switches, foams, felts, and fabrics. Even for the lamination of insulation materials, for splicing, and for the mounting of flooring systems, tesa® 75507 is the ideal transfer tape.

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